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Latino Memphis – Isaias

“If we don’t do something now, he’s not going to make it past high school,” says Latino Memphis Director Mauricio Calvo about Isaias, a 4-year-old boy with big dreams. When Mauricio says “make it”, he’s referring to statistics that show Latinos have the lowest high school graduation rates in Memphis. “We have to ask ourselves, do we want these kids to be productive citizens in our city or do we want them to fail? If they fail, we all fail,” Calvo says. “Yes, I know that some would rather not talk about this issue. Some hope that it will just go away or fix itself. It’s a tough conversation, but one that we have to address.” Latinos account for an estimated 10% of our metropolitan population. It is a hardworking community that is young, deeply committed to faith, family and friends. “We know what Latinos can accomplish, often working against incredible odds,” Calvo explains. “We owe this to Isaias and to every single child. It is, indeed, a chance at the human dream.”

Latino Memphis launched its first Leadership Luncheon. The goal of this video is to show Memphis business leaders the services that Latino Memphis provides for the Latino community.

Music by Nino
Shot, edited and directed by Javier Leiva

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