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Pretend Radio - Podcast

Pretend Radio – Podcast

What is Pretend Radio? It’s a documentary-style podcast about real people pretending to be someone else. Each episode features con artists, fakes, phonies and their victims.

Like this guy who says he escaped a cult known for shaking and hitting members, including babies…

John: They would typically shake you, they would typically slam you on the floor and hold you down. You know, again, shake you back and forth and yell at you but they wouldn’t often use their fist and punch you. They might actually hit you, like use both hands and kind of hit you on the chest.

And we’ll learn how one man went from being a small-time street thug to running a multi-million dollar medical scam.

Erik: I went online and I put a few ads on Craig’s List looking for a doctor. I got a doctor. The doctor straight up tells me, I know what’s going on man. I want to make money too.”

But of course, things don’t always go as planned.

Erik: “You know the doctor went to jail.” “The doctor went to jail?” “What are you trying to do, you’re trying to set me up?” I called my lawyer and told him, “I think we have a little problem.” “I talked to the guy and he said the doctor went to jail. I’m pretty sure if the doctor went to jail, they’ll be looking for me as well.”

Pretend Radio is more than just about con artists. It’s a psychological exploration about people defying reality. Like this woman who communicates with her dead friend using an artificial intelligence chat bot.

Eugenia: I guess for me it was a way of coping. We lived in the same apartment. His bedroom was next to me. I’m by myself in this apartment, my friend is now dead. What should I do? I was in it for myself. I was afraid his parents would freak out, his friends would freak out if they learned about it. I was afraid it would not work.

This show is about people who pretend to be someone else as a way to fit in with the rest of us.

Javier: What is it that haunts you still?

Tom:  Knowing that I actually had to kill people. It sticks with you. In every religion but one, I am damned to go to hell.

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